Maine Episcopal Summer Chapel Tour: St. Martin’s in the Field, Biddeford Pool

Wayne and I visited St. Martin’s in the Field in Biddeford Pool for the 11:00 a.m. service. Although we have never been to the chapel I have been to the area many times before because it’s in the same neighborhood as The Marie Joseph Spiritual Center. The church is literally in a field (which is a golf course on one side) as the name denotes. Like all of the others we have visited, it is charming, welcoming and has beautiful stained glass that you MUST see! The sermon by Rev. Dina van Klaveren (pictured above) was very inspiring. Continue reading “Maine Episcopal Summer Chapel Tour: St. Martin’s in the Field, Biddeford Pool”

Resolution: Victorian-Era Advice Worth Following

I acquired this little Victorian-era birthday greeting in a box with other small antique booklets and cards at an auction house in the early 2000s. It had a very powerful impact on me when I read it, but at some point it got placed in storage and so did the words that speak the resolve to be true to ourselves. (I’ve learned over the years that authentic people are the only people that really matter to me.) Recently I rediscovered this and hope to never put it out of my mind and heart. Perhaps it will speak to you, too. Continue reading “Resolution: Victorian-Era Advice Worth Following”

Summering at Home in Scarborough (while sick)

Good morning! I’m feeling better today. Out of the blue on Friday I came down with a fever peaking at 101, sore throat and swollen glands that lasted through the weekend. I went to the doctor yesterday and I have tonsillitis. I’ll know tomorrow if I need antibiotics and I really hope I don’t because I don’t tolerate them very well and am allergic to some. However, I’m hopeful I won’t need them because my symptoms are far less severe today.  In the meantime I’ve been “summering” at home and the accommodations, entertainments and care thanks to Wayne have been five star! (Speaking of my fondness for writing reviews, I just received a message that one of my recent Yelp reviews made it to “Review of the Day!” today!) Continue reading “Summering at Home in Scarborough (while sick)”

Sick in bed (in the summer?!)

Hi everyone. I wasn’t feeling well yesterday and since then have had a rising fever and pain when I swallow. Because of this we won’t be going to church tomorrow, so my promised summer chapel tour post won’t be forthcoming this week. If needed I’ll go to a doctor on Monday. I’ll be taking it easy reading and watching TV in bed. I’ve never gotten sick during the summer before. 😦

Seaside Soirée at the Nonantum Resort, Kennebunkport

Last night Wayne and I were treated to a delicious and decadent dinner at The Nonantum Resort in Kennebunkport. It was a special private party for Yelp Elites (of which I am one) and our guests. So really, I took Wayne out on a date! Continue reading “Seaside Soirée at the Nonantum Resort, Kennebunkport”

An Enchanted English Garden at Pineland Farms, New Gloucester

There are people, places and moments that bring out the unguarded, trusting and open-hearted child within. The garden at Pineland Farms is one such place for us. When Wayne and I entered the white gates last week, we walked into what felt like a dream.  Continue reading “An Enchanted English Garden at Pineland Farms, New Gloucester”