Tomato Love

I *just* picked these two beauties from the raised bed garden, which are the first from that location! For the past week we’ve been eating tomatoes from our container garden on the deck.
I absolutely love having these beautiful vines and tomatoes to gaze at and eat. I never knew that watching a vegetable garden grow could be so relaxing, enjoyable and exciting!
Wayne has done all of the work! He has lovingly tended to our first little garden with daily watering which is key since we’re experiencing a drought this summer.

To me the tomatoes are like beautiful works of edible art, even and especially the imperfect ones. So far I’ve made a sliced tomato omelette in my 1940s iron skillet, added tomatoes to last night’s pot roast over mashed potatoes, been eating sliced, juicy vine fresh Cherokee Purple tomatoes, and made a fantastic tomato onion focaccia. 
Timmy loves having super fresh and juicy tomatoes!
This can’t ever get old!! But I know it will soon end. I plan to savor what’s left of the Maine summer.
And here we have a peek at what goes on behind the scenes! Gardening isn’t always a glam affair.

17 thoughts on “Tomato Love

  1. We have a small cherry tomato plant on our balcony but it's a small one, so next year, I hope to be picking fresh tomatoes from it.
    My husband's grandmother, gave us a bag full of tomatoes last week so when we got home, I washed them in a bowl with water and vinegar to remove all the dirt and bugs and then, put them in the freezer.
    That way, all I have to do is take the tomatoes I need to cook, rinse them and the skin peels of easily.
    Timmy is so cut and we can see he's a happy little guinea pig now!


  2. Thanks, Averyl, for the great recipes! I love mashed potatoes made with yogurt. One Thanksgiving I fooled my friend's yogurt-hating husband by serving them, and didn't let him know until he'd complimented me after heaping seconds! He was sure that I'd copied his recipe of cream cheese and sour cream. 🙂


  3. Yes, canning it is very in line with eating retro. 🙂 It depends on how much is left before the frost. I was thinking of making a few batches of sauce and freezing it. If I do end up canning I'll post about it here. 🙂


  4. You're so sweet to think of us!! Unfortunately I don't tolerate nightshades, so my tomato days are behind me… I love to smell them, though,. That perfect scent mix of soil and sweet!! May you enjoy having jars and jars of fresh tomato flavor in the middle of January!!


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