A Morning Walk in Calvary Cemetery, South Portland, Maine

(Originally published 11/5/2016 on my old blog, Outdated By Design.) Calvary Cemetery in South Portland, Maine is one of my favorite places to walk in the late fall. I love the beautiful old growth trees, historic headstones dating to the 1800s and almost supernatural calm.


Old statues line the bridge that is no longer safe for driving so it’s only open to foot traffic.



Let us pray.


The bridge is over a creek that’s still reflecting some colorful foliage that hasn’t yet passed its peak like most everywhere else. The leaves are taking their time and holding on.


The sky was gray when I left my house but once I got here it was blue.


Holding on.

They feel like guardians that watch over passers by.

Some have broken in places.


This is one of my favorites.

I first saw his serene, statuesque face almost twenty years ago.







Rippled reflections.


It was just so pretty and calm by the creek. You can’t tell from looking that it was forty degrees outside! When you live in Maine you do get used to the colder weather as long as it’s dry and the wind isn’t blowing. It’s clean, crisp and invigorating.



Likin’ the lichen.

The leaves from this unknown tree are HUGE!




Can you spot the little plane up in the sky?


The sunlight and yellow leaves created a beautiful glow around the silhouettes of the headstones and statues.





Sadly some of the very old headstones are in disrepair.

Brant geese paddling by.

Everywhere I looked I saw the beauty in the passing of the season.

A flame of color at the base of a headstone.





14 thoughts on “A Morning Walk in Calvary Cemetery, South Portland, Maine

  1. I spend a lot of time documenting old cemeteries and headstones, and I love the serene beauty that I often see in a cemetery. But this cemetery you visited is extra special. So colorful, and the statues are so lovely. Thanks for sharing. 🙂


  2. Hi Jennifer! I bet you find a lot of interesting things in your research. There's a cemetery in Portland that offers guided tours, each with a focus on the history of different people buried there. Thank you for letting me know you enjoyed this post!


  3. oh my! breathtaking. and the feeling of absolute serenity comes through in the photos. thank you for sharing. also, I really like the new home page banner- the sketch of the apple. Is this your art?


  4. The red leaves are just stunning! I love old cemeteries, too. And this one is majestic and gorgeous. There is a very old one near the Dallas city hall that has some very old Confederate general statues and others. The old headstones are fascinating. Makes you wonder about the stories that go along with the people buried there.


  5. Ha! I've always liked cemeteries! The stories, figurative works, creative epitaphs. This one is amazing! The best I've seen is in Savannah. The scariest was St Louis 1 in NOLA at night. My personal favorite is in Cedar Key, Florida, with its shell covered graves.


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