Out Picking: Fabulous Flea Finds!

I headed to the Arundel flea market at 6:30 this morning, which may seem early but it’s actually on the late side! The dealers set up in the middle of the night and the best deals are to be had EARLY. There were a pair of beautifully matted and framed impressionist paintings, one of a garden, the other a still life, that I adored and the price was right!

Flea Finds (1)

After the cold wet gloom we’ve had this “spring” these paintings immediately fulfilled my longing for an endless seaside spring filled with bright sunshine and colorful flowers. Art can do that!

Flea Finds (4)

The garden arch reminded me of when Wayne and I went to the “secret garden” at Pineland Farms.


Flea Finds (2)

I have been buying from and selling to this particular dealer for years, so she gave me a very sweet deal: $35 for the pair! They are now hanging in our bedroom.

Flea Finds (5)

A little vintage folding Florentine Triptych of Madonna and Baby Jesus from one of my favorite dealers, Linda, who is always upbeat and has a great eye for unique treasures.

Vintage Sweater

Last I bought two old store stock (still with the tags and both were in plastic) sweaters that were actually made in the USA(!) and came from a boutique in Ogunquit that had gone out of business. They are both the same design, size medium. I’m guessing these are circa late 1980s? I Googled the manufacturer but couldn’t find anything. If it fits and I like it on me I’ll keep one and sell the other. If not, both will be going on ebay.

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