Made in the USA: Ramblers Way, Portland, Maine

Imagine finding a store that manufactures ALL of its own clothing right here in the USA. It would seem like a dream. It did to me only a few days ago. Now, imagine if that same store made their clothing in your home state. But we’re not done. What would you say if I told you that the clothing is made RIGHT IN THE STORE?! That’s exactly what opened shop in the Old Port this past November!


Est in 2009 in Maine but new to Portland, Ramblers Way is owned by a guy named Tom. You know, that Tom from Maine? That’s Tom Chappell from the Tom’s of Maine brand.  All of their “sustainable” clothing is made from Rambouillet Merino wool, Certified Organic Merino wool or Pima cotton.


The store is stunning and the clothing very stylish yet classic.


The sales ladies were also very friendly and helpful without any hints of Old Port attitude.


I asked where I could find the two tops I saw on their website that I was interested in trying on and purchasing if they fit. I was told that what is online is close-out items and not available in-store. I found that to be disappointing. (Update: I received a clarifying note from Rambler’s Way: “While it is true that we have items in-store that are not available online, the online store is not only for “close-out” items. The online store also offers current selections, as well as items from past seasons.”) On the flip side I was pleasantly surprised by the selections in store that I did not see online.


I was skeptical about wearing a wool top against my skin; surely it would be very itchy! Proven wrong, I was impressed with the soft and silky feel of this black top I found on their sale rack. Also, their fitting rooms are wonderful!


As you can see, it’s also as thin as a cotton top so it can be worn for three seasons.


Unfortunately their sizing isn’t consistent with most places I’ve shopped. Normally I wear a small or medium, but I tried on the large and it was too snug. They didn’t have it in an extra large so I wasn’t able to come home with one.


Men’s clothing is on the lower level and there are so many fantastic offerings!


But wait! Look!!! There’s the “manufacturing plant!”


I could see Wayne wearing many of these, but sadly the price point is beyond our budget this year. The shirts I looked at cost between $175 and $250. However I don’t question the value! 



It’s interesting to note that they are now seeking investors, and this Q & A with Tom Chappell reveals the challenges of creating a made in the USA clothing brand.


I’d like to come back with Wayne and have him try on a sweater and maybe some cords to get some gift ideas for him down the road.


You can find a store directory here.

My quest for ethically sourced quality clothing continues!

2 thoughts on “Made in the USA: Ramblers Way, Portland, Maine

  1. Those are gorgeous! I love it. It’s so old fashioned, and natural in the color palette selection. Or do you think they are copying British taste?


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