My Confirmation Gifts: A Holy Trinity of Roses!

From Wayne: “After Averyl’s confirmation ceremony at St Luke’s Cathedral her sponsor gave her a beautiful yellow rose bush in full bloom ready for planting.  The sight of those beautiful flowers got me thinking about what I could do to keep the memory and spirit of the ceremony fresh in our minds.” Continue reading “My Confirmation Gifts: A Holy Trinity of Roses!”

Vintage Maine Recipe: 1914 Simple & Spicy Spring Celebration Cake (With Edible Petals!)

Wayne celebrated a sobriety milestone today–five years! I baked him a special cake inspired by a recipe from my vintage 1914 cook book A Collection of Receipts For The Preparation Of Foods Most Commonly Made In The Songo Kitchen. It was published in Portland, Maine, but “The Songo Hotel” was located in North Bridgton. Continue reading “Vintage Maine Recipe: 1914 Simple & Spicy Spring Celebration Cake (With Edible Petals!)”

My First Blog Post!

How exciting! My first post on my new blog on Easter morning!

Here are some of the things I’ll be blogging about:

The Maine Historic Seasonal Episcopal Church Tour

Maine is home to over a dozen Episcopalian churches that are only open for the brief and magical summer season, many of which are on an island, nestled in the woods or right on the coast in charming seaside communities. Wayne and I are planning to take trips to visit and worship in about eight of them this summer. Even if you aren’t religious, the architecture, history and settings of these churches are stunning from the pics I’ve seen. I can’t wait to witness them in person and share our serene summer Sunday getaways here!

The Working Waterfront

The Old Port, Portland, Maine

Wayne is friendly with interesting people who make a living from the sea. Perhaps we’ll see first-hand what it’s like to work as a lobsterman!

Traditional New England Cooking

Margaret Chase Smith Blueberry Cake (made gluten-free)

My favorite cookbooks are those from Maine kitchens, churches, civic organizations written prior to the 1970s.  I’d like to share some of those recipes along with my own creations.

My Memoirs of Struggle and Recovery in Maine and Vermont

I have many memories of early struggles and spiritual insights during pre and early sobriety in Vermont and Maine. I used to keep a steady journal and also wrote an unfinished novel many years ago based upon those years.


I love capturing moments to share!

Musings on Antiquarian Book Excerpts from the Library of a Bibliophile

Office 1 (4).jpg

Over the past two decades I have collected old books and ephemera from Maine yard, estate and church rummage sales. They provide me with spiritual direction and nostalgic delight.

Sailing & Nautical Adventures

Sailboats on Casco Bay, Portland, Maine

Wayne loves to sail and be around boats in general since he’s been in the marine industry for over twenty years. In the past I’ve shared about his friend who is building a vintage-replica yacht by hand, and his co-worker who lives on a sailboat year-round. I can see more of those kinds of posts!

Serene Places to Walk and Relax


Those are just some hints of what’s ahead. I hope you’ll follow my blog and stick around! Thanks for reading my first post! (Earlier posts were imported from my retired blog, Outdated By Design).