Abandoned Industry: Kezar Falls, Maine Woolen Mill

Here’s another sideline adventure Wayne and I had during our foliage drive last Sunday. We walked around the perimeter of the fascinating abandoned Kezar Falls Woolen Mill.  We were struck by the enormity, ominous sky, mysterious doorways and decrepit buildings framed by natural beauty in autumnal decay.

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Fall Foliage Drive to New Hampshire

Finally we have some spectacular foliage! Wayne and I took the scenic route to Ossipee, New Hampshire where we had breakfast at a local diner. It rained on the way over but the sun came through on our way home. Here are some of the colorful sights from our drive.

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Our Rainy Maine October Peak Fall Foliage Drive

(Originally published 10/9/2016 on my old blog, Outdated By Design.) It was another wet Sunday, but that’s alright because the bright fall colors really pop in this kind of lighting. See that panoramic pic above? That’s the first one I ever shot with my new water-resistant Samsung Galaxy S7 Active.

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A Morning Walk in Calvary Cemetery, South Portland, Maine

(Originally published 11/5/2016 on my old blog, Outdated By Design.) Calvary Cemetery in South Portland, Maine is one of my favorite places to walk in the late fall. I love the beautiful old growth trees, historic headstones dating to the 1800s and almost supernatural calm.

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