A Second Proposal

When Wayne asked me to marry him last summer he did not have a ring; he said he wanted me to pick one out. I was truly grateful because I definitely did not want a traditional solitaire this time around. A second wedding later in life is about doing it your way. Any wedding should be that way but we know how easy it is to get caught up in what’s expected or worry about what others will think. For example, there is a stigma against smaller sized diamonds; bigger is supposed to be better.

The next day we went ring shopping locally. A lot has changed over the past twenty years of rings! There were more options, but most everything  I saw was NOT ME. There was no dearth of multiple diamonds in garish settings as if marketing departments determined that’s all any bride-to-be would wear. I wanted something sparkly yet low-profile, elegant, understated and vintage inspired (of course). Continue reading “A Second Proposal”

Our Vintage Wedding Guest Book

Right now it feels like spring is really here, and what that means for March in Maine is that the sun is out, it’s almost fifty degrees and there is NO SNOW in the forecast! There is still some snow cover on the ground but it’s getting lower every day. We’ll have to wait  before we start to see buds and blooming. For that reason I want to share our vintage 1960s wedding guest book I selected which is filled with sweet illustrations of flowers.

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Our New England Wedding

Since Wayne proposed to me on the beach last July I have been busy planning our late summer wedding. New England, and especially the coast of Maine, is a prime location for destination weddings. That means venues get booked well over a year in advance! We have family coming from all over New England, New York, New Jersey, the west coast and Europe. Even so, it’s going to be a small wedding. In some ways it will be very traditional, in other ways, not at all. For example, I’m a bride in my fifties. I will not be wearing a white wedding gown because I don’t wish to do so! We are truly doing this our way.

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