Episcopal Summer Chapel: St. Ann’s By the Sea, Kennebunkport

Wayne and I have commenced our “summer tour” of seasonal Maine Episcopalian churches with St. Ann’s in Kennebunkport being our first. St. Ann’s is “an historic seaside Chapel that offers the opportunity for summer worship, fellowship, and outreach on the coast of southern Maine.  Located in Kennebunkport, the picturesque chapel was built in 1887 to serve the communities of Kennebunk, Kennebunkport, and Cape Porpoise.  People of all faiths join residents and visitors to the region for Sunday worship, special services and quiet meditation in the park setting overlooking the Kennebunk River and the Atlantic Ocean.” We decided to go to the 8:00 a.m. Eucharist which was held in the outside chapel overlooking the sea! Continue reading “Episcopal Summer Chapel: St. Ann’s By the Sea, Kennebunkport”

My Confirmation at St. Luke’s Cathedral in Portland

Good Monday morning! Yesterday afternoon I was Confirmed by the Bishop Lane into the Episcopal Church! (The beautiful antique Victorian stained glass above, which is one of many stunning windows, was created by Ward & Hughes, London, England.) Continue reading “My Confirmation at St. Luke’s Cathedral in Portland”

Visit to St. Anthony Franciscan Monastery and Shrines, Kennebunk, Maine

Part of the fun of collecting old Maine ephemera from estate sales is that I learn a lot about local history and get to see places that no longer exist. When I drive past newer construction I sometimes see the ghost of once was in its place, like the large “dine and dance” restaurant with the 1950s cars parked in the lot, or the family resort that was torn down and replaced with office buildings. So when, a couple of years ago, I acquired a vintage brochure, above middle, for the Franciscan Monastery and Shrines in Kennebunkport, Maine, I assumed it was another place that no longer was.  Turns out it’s celebrating its 70th anniversary this year! (For some reason it’s location is now considered to be Kennebunk and not Kennebunkport). Wayne and I drove down to visit it this morning despite the February cold and snow-covered grounds. It’s open to the public year-round.

Here are some of the beautiful sights:

Continue reading “Visit to St. Anthony Franciscan Monastery and Shrines, Kennebunk, Maine”